Studying Nursing At Home Better

Studying Nursing At Home Better

How can we not remember the most awesome life the “lady with the lamp”, Florence Nightingale? She chose to become a nurse and to have endless satisfaction along with limitless personal and professional rewards.

However, being a nurse is not just like preparing a cup of coffee to your friend. The procedures and steps are not easy. It’s a very well-known fact that the turning points of professional life begin after high school. Respecting the ideology of ours of being unable to change our life in a minute takes me to have those 60 seconds of time, to think critically and give ourselves a good kick off for our future. There are plethora of options available for the students in this tinsel world but I believe this can be a path for those one-minute critical thinkers who choose their own motherland as an alternative to commence their higher education for nursing studies right here, right now.

Decisions done at right time with a right concept never fail. Therefore, the students floating in a river of dilemma should think serenely without panic. It is obvious that dense forests are always enigmatically overwhelming. However, we should also not be unaware about the threatening echoes roaring from the same jungle. India, though it is enormously bigger than our country, plus the fact of “her” being a number one is undeniably correct. But the places and seats in renowned and reputed universities in India are very limited. Very negligible chances have our girls to get enrollment in such university.

Always what we see and hear is not true. Today fake people and things are even more than the stars in the universe. Just having a page full of sweet but fake advertisement on magazines and newspapers does not mean that the university is worthy of providing what a student really needs. Often, empty vessels sound much. Sweet talks of agents; attractive seminars of such universities, unnecessary extravagant facilities should not be the real search. We fail to see the smirk hidden behind the beautiful looking smiles of abroad; also our eyes are blind for not seeing us being musk deer. I appreciate the fact that our value as per size in the world’s map is just as an ant, also the politics may be unstable and unreliable, but putting a question mark on our universities of medical science is just making fool out of ourselves.

But obviously, being fully dependent on our universities and medical colleges may not be wise task because of some hypocrites over here as well. It’s necessary to know every possible detail about the institution like whether it has its own hospital and necessary facilities and equipment or not. For instance, news of a lot of institutions being collapsed was floated a couple of months ago. Hence, blindly believing in even our institutions may create problems. Going India for nursing studies may be slightly inappropriate, not just because they lack trust-worthy institutions but because of the difficulties and insecurities that our daughters may face and suffer. May be it’s bad to speak negative about our very loving and neighbouring country India, but we can also not cover the fact of India being very active in committing serious crimes and inhuman activities regarding girls. If it was for visiting for recreational purposes, then it would be a very nice idea. By contrast, my voices are always against for female students being enrolled in nursing academies in India. Extra focus and understanding are required.

Several problems haunt the students who take abroad as an alternative for higher studies. Language barrier, home sickness, lack of support, the apprehension of God knows what et cetera are some of them. This is the duty of unconditional service, no matter what the situation is (take the recent earthquake as an example).This is the career esteemed by all, this is the profession of living your life to others, and this is the job with real self- satisfactions with numerous scopes. So, be careful and proceed.

Respiring the air of our land is appreciable, sitting around the fire of our firewood matters everything to us, touches and hugs of our brothers take us to paradise; but, why do we still lack the faith on our own products, our own able and skilled manpower who even by a small quantity are trying to help ourselves to reach to the peak? You give a hand; I’ll give help to clap. If you give a clap, I’ll help you in rhythm. If you give me a rhythm, I’ll sing you a song. And this song, believe me, will set fire on every stage. Let’s give ourselves a hope to inspire, to move on and to abide on faith; sure as the God’s existence, tomorrow among us, voices will roar not to leave our motherland for any reasons and purposes.