Ups And Downs In Life Common

Life is a precious gift given to us by God

Life is a precious gift given to us by God. It’s so precious that everyone keeps it above from all other things. Our life passes through different stages and phases. Several ups and downs constitute our life. Happiness and sadness both make our life complete. In some phases of our life we face happiness and in other phases sadness. So, these two things never leave us throughout our life.

Happiness alone never makes our life complete. We cannot become happy all time. We may face such situation in our life which may be very painful the whole time. We may also possess fear, threats, may loose family members and friends. Happiness may be found in many forms. Some people may find happiness in small things too. These depend upon the thought, personality and life styles of the people concerned.

For an example, for a middle class man, fulfillment of desires of his family members might make him happy. For some person, the items which they desire may make them happy and for some people the happiness seen the faces of others may make them happy. Life always does not possess happiness; there are frequent changes in our life. They possess sadness many a times. In these difficult phases, they come to know the true meaning of life.

Ups and downs are the part of our life, no one can hide or escape from them. These two things will catch or get to you everywhere you go. Money does not play a great role for them all the time. For them happiness is within their family, society and the precious relationships. They face the obstacles, challenges in their life bravely and learn from them to be happy always.

But there are many people who are always in run to search happiness only. They also sometimes get involved in the wrong activities while seeking happiness by being rich and famous over night. They get involved in bad activities as within the short period of time they want to be happy. These activities may destroy their whole life, their family and friends and even the whole society too.

So in order to lead our life to the betterment, we should clearly understand that ups and downs we face in our life are it’s parts, they help us to lead our way in this competitive world. It is the uniqueness of life. Difficult phases make us brave; teach us to become calm and competitive.

Life is so unpredictable that we do not know what it brings tomorrow. So, we have to be calm and be ready to accept what it brings us. Some times it may bring us many many happiness and at other times only sadness. When happiness approaches us, we must accept it calmly, enjoy it and, flourish it but we may not be rude and greedy by having them. As we know, with great power come greater responsibilities. So, what life gives us we must make it more useful to us as well as for others. We should not be greedy and with that greediness we should not discriminate others because who know now we may be laughing at others but tomorrow other person may be in our places and we in their places and they may be laughing at us. So, be calm be faithful life always gives you many chances and it is always fair to all.

All in all, life is very unique and unpredictable, So be happy in what you are, enjoy your life at the fullest.